Tuesday, April 24, 2012

ADT Home Security Services While on Your Trip to Moon Palace Resort

Home security is becoming more of an issue in these uncertain times especially when you are getting ready to go on vacation to your favorite Moon Palace Resort.  The economy is floundering, jobs are more scarce than ever and as a result, some individuals are finding more "creative" ways to get the money they need to get by.  This includes an increase in home robberies which seem to take place more and more in broad daylight.  There is nothing more frightening than to have someone invade your home while you are going about your daily chores.  You would never expect that anyone would be bold enough to attack a home in the daylight where they can be seen.  It has been happening more and more.

Fortunately there are common sense ways to protect yourself from this increase in crime and good companies like ADT to help protect you.  The most logical way is to make sure that any doors or windows that are at entry level are locked while you are going about your business during the day at home.  If you do open your front door to let cross air in make sure you lock your screen door.  If you live in a neighborhood where there is a lot of daily activity then you would have a better chance of screaming and having someone hear you should a stranger try to enter your home.  If you live in a more remote area, it is always a good idea to have a home security system ready and armed to help protect you by sending off a loud alarm which is intended to scare away any criminal who attempts to get inside.  The best protection is to have that alarm system hooked up to the local police station or fire station so that the moment it goes off, they too are alerted.  That way help can be on it's way immediately without you having to make a phone call that you are most likely too scared to make. 

Be aware of what's going on around you these days and protect your most valuable asset while you are in your home, your family.  Give ADT a call before you decide to take your next vacation.  What price can you put on your family's safety?  No cost can be too high.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Stock Up on Bikinis for Your Trip to Moon Palace Resort

Moon Palace Resort offers an amazing adventure to anyone who chooses to stay at their fantastic accommodations.  At last count, they had at least 8 swimming pools and several swim up bars for your cooling off pleasures. 

Photos of Moon Palace Golf & Spa Resort, Cancun
This photo of Moon Palace Golf & Spa Resort is courtesy of TripAdvisor

In addition, they have a small beach which is mostly on the sea grass side of the ocean surrounding the resort, but a little farther down their beach is a fantastic public beach. 

So pack your warm weather clothing, your sunscreen, your bikinis or swim suits and towels and be ready to enjoy all that this water palace has to offer you along with the excellent service provided overall. 

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Moon Palace Resort is Luxurious Mexico at It's Best

The Moon Palace Resort is a place that you will want to visit if you are most interested in never having to leave the property.  Located about 45 minutes away from Cancun, the resort itself is huge.  It has the largest collection of swimming pools out of all of the resorts in the area.  It has 12 restaurants onsite and they are open at varying hours of the day.  There is entertainment on site for adults, children and teens as well.  The resort has a gorgeous lobby.  Their spa is just a golf cart ride away and is on the grounds of their world class golf course.  Moon Palace resort is a luxury you and your family should take the time to enjoy.  It's a bit more expensive than some of the other resorts, but it's well worth the cost.

Friday, July 1, 2011

My Little Girl - Guest Blogger Post

My little girl

Guest post of the week by Moises Henderson

My daughter just recently bought her first house and I have to tell you, it makes me nervous that she’s living out there all on her own. In order to get a great place and a good deal she bought in what’s called a transitional neighborhood which means it’s not exactly the safest place in town and since she’s a single female living by herself I worry about her sometimes. I emailed her the other day with the link for www.HOmESECurity101.com/ so she could look into security systems and I talked to her neighbors about what types of issues they’ve encountered in the past. It doesn’t seem to be a particularly crime ridden street but you never know when disaster is going to strike, in my opinion. I know Katie’s a big girl and she can take care of herself but I’m her daddy and it’s my job to worry about her – what kind of parent would I be if I didn’t? My wife keeps telling me to back off but we’ll see…

Friday, March 13, 2009

Moon Palace Resort - 5 Star Cancun Mexico

If you are looking for a fantastic vacation then you will want to visit Moon Palace Resort in Cancun Mexico. You can read more about leisure vacations and Cancun at http://www.dreamcancunresorts.com

Moon Palace Resort is geared more toward the family rather than couples. It is a very busy resort with over 2,000 rooms and several buildings. You can see actual pictures of the resort at: http://www.palaceresorts.com Just use the drop down menu to find Moon Palace Resort.

There are so many great restaurants that it's hard to decide which one to visit. My advice is to visit one per night or at least a variety at lunch time.

The swimming pools are huge and have swim up bars. The kids can get their favorite non-alcoholic drinks as often as they like. That is a real money saver, especially if you have teens.

Activities are planned throughout the day for your children. It is safe and fun and there is a check in and check out system so you don't have to worry.

Moon Palace Resort has mostly 5 star ratings from trip advisor, so you can check out some of the comments for yourself. It's well worth saving your money to make this trip.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Moon Palace Resort Timeshare and How to Get Discounts Through a Global Resorts Network Membership

This is my true, personal story, about why I know, first hand, that owning a Global Resorts Network Membership is Better than Owning a Timeshare, even at the beautiful and popular Moon Palace Resort. The bottom line is SAVINGS of THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS on your family and friend's vacations and still being able to travel to at least some of the Palace Resorts properties or requesting a vacation at Moon Palace Resort through the Global Resorts Network membership.

If you care about saving thousands of dollars, you will want to listen to my story before you decide to purchase a Moon Palace Resort timeshare or even if you already own a timeshare. With a Global Resorts Network Membership you will never have to purchase a timeshare and if you already own one and are tired of being stifled because you have limited choices of vacation spots and you don't like paying the high maintenance fees, you will still want to read on. I am a member now and I only wish that someone had told me about this before I spent over $70,000 on timeshare purchases.

Here is where my story begins. I have personally owned two timeshares. I purchased a Global Resorts Network Membership three years after buying my last timeshare which was purchased at the Moon Palace Resort. My first timeshare was with Fairfield and was a points timeshare which allowed me to travel pretty much anywhere I wanted to one time a year during the best weeks. RCI was my timeshare exchange company.

After using RCI to go to the Beach Palace Resort in Cancun Mexico, I was hit hard by the timeshare sales people. I gave in to the high pressured sales tactics literally after 4 hours of bantering back and forth in front of the salesperson. They talked me into trading my first timeshare with Fairfield for my newest timeshare with the Moon Palace Resort in Cancun, Mexico.

The value they put on my Fairfield timeshare was apx. $18,000. However, I paid about $11,000 for the Fairfield timeshare initially and paid maintenance fees of about $500 for many years. I did go on vacation every year and did use my week, but I never made back my initial investment. $18,000 seemed like a fair trade in price.My second timeshare with Moon Palace Resort cost me, with my trade in allowance of the $18,000, over $58,000 for 280 vacation weeks. I did receive about $35,000 in free incentive weeks, however, even with that, I think I was swept away by the beauty of Cancun because my business mind completely left me.

I was thinking that I would be able to easily sell this magnificent timeshare I had purchased if I no longer needed it or wanted it and that I could rent the weeks that I wasn't able to use or pass the membership along to my family.

I was able to rent some of my Moon Palace Resort timeshare weeks through Ebay, but have not been able to sell my timeshare which has been on the market for three years, advertised through a variety of companies at 50% of it's original price.

You may ask why I just don't continue to vacation with my Palace Resorts timeshare on a regular basis. It's pretty simple. Every time I have to travel to Moon Palace Resort or any of the Palace Resort properties I still have to pay the mandatory all-inclusive fee. Those fees range from a low of $1500 for two for the week to a high of almost $7000 for a presidential suite. So, on top of the $58,000 I paid (plus my $18,000 trade in), I still have to pay every time I travel. Even with my exchange company, RCI, my exchange fee to travel anywhere outside of my home resort, is almost $700 for a week.

So why in the world would I ever join a discount travel club membership like Global Resorts Network when I already own a timeshare? (I have my timeshare up for sale (you can see the details by clicking here) I want to travel at huge discounts for the rest of my life. I want my children to be able to travel at huge discounts for the rest of their lives too.

A Global Resorts Network membership allows me the freedom to travel when and where I want, as many times as I want, per year at great discounts to timeshare properties WITHOUT having to own a timeshare. There are NO maintenance fees. You pay a one time membership fee to join for a lifetime of 100 years (which is transferrable and willable) and then you only pay as you go. The most you will pay is $799 for a week and that could be for two people and even up to 8 people depending on the accomodations you choose. You will even be offered what are called HOT WEEKS where you and your family can travel for as low as $298 for a week.There is never a need ever again to buy a timeshare. You will need the facts and if you want to see them laid out in black and white, click here.

What does this have to do with buying a timeshare at Moon Palace Resort? You can request a week at Moon Palace Resort through the membership or several other Palace Resorts without having to buy the timeshare! You will have to pay the all inclusive fee, but you will find that you will still save about $500 on your week of travel even with the all inclusive fee and paying for the week. If Moon Palace Resort is not available, you can choose to request one of the other Palace Resorts that Global Resorts Network already has or is developing a relationship with in their Registry of Resorts.

Don't waste your money on buying a timeshare ever again. With a Global Resorts Network Membership, there is no need to. You and your family and friends can enjoy a lifetime of travel, worry free. By the way, there are discounts on cruises, airfare, hotel stays, car rentals - all as part of the membership.Visit the website and you will be pleasantly surprised at what a Global Resorts Network Membership can do for you. You can watch the movie too by clicking here

More information at: http://www.dreamcancunresorts.com

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Moon Palace Resort - What Happens After You Check In?

You've arrived at Moon Palace Resort, have gone through the check in process at the front desk. The attendants have helped escort you to your room with your luggage. They open the front door to your room and what will you see?

Moon Palace Resort offers very nicely appointed rooms. They are suitable for no more than four people and most comfortable for two. You will encounter marble floors (so be careful walking when you are wet), and depending on what you chose, you will have either two double beds or one king sized bed. You may or may not have a new flat screen TV depending on what part of Moon Palace Resort you are staying in.

The bed spreads will be cheerful and bright. The beds may be a bit hard for some, but most of your time will be spent outdoors anyway. There is a mini refrigerator that they will keep stocked for you. If you run out of items, all you have to do is call room service and they will replenish anything you need.

The bathrooms are a very nice size, clean and modern looking. The jacuzzi is built for two people and typically overlooks the balcony which may overlook gardens or the ocean. It's a wonderful treat for relaxation. The balconies are a good size and a great place to sit and order room service for a relaxing meal.

Your room will be comfortable and inviting but too small for five and may be a bit cramped for four adults. Two adults and two children should be quite comfortable in the Moon Palace Resort rooms.

Find out more about the Palace Resorts by visiting: http://www.dreamcancunresorts.com